Introducing the
Halal Stock Screener

The easiest way to search for halal stocks.

How It Works

Search for stocks

Browse from over 55,000 stocks and find the ones you love.

Request analysis

Once you request an analysis, our team of experts will manually review the stock to ensure compliance with Shari'ah guidelines.

Receive certification

You'll receive a report showing you if a stock is halal as per AAOIFI's standards.

Understanding the analysis

Shari'ah compliance analysis

Once you request the analysis, we will manually review the stock to ensure that the company complies with Shari'ah compliance guidelines and is permissible to invest in.

We'll then email you the results.

Initial automated screening

We first run an automated quantitative review for an initial screening according to these metrics:

  • Malaysia SC
  • Dow Jones Islamic Market Index
  • MSCI Islamic
  • FTSE
  • Russell Jadwa

Find out which stocks are halal

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